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BLUEPHRASE uses HTML tagnames for all its semantic markup and page layout.

  • action
  • callout
  • direction
  • document
  • furigana
  • heading/text
  • input/output
  • jargon
  • layout
  • list
  • media/embed
  • proofing
  • row/column
  • scripting
  • spacing
  • structure
  • styling
  • term-mark


a · area · base · button · map

Actions navigate to another page, or communicate with a remote server.
a, area, base, button, map


details · summary · blockquote · cite

Callouts are sentences that stand apart from the normal flow of the composition.
details, summary, blockquote, cite


bdi · bdo

Explicit instructions for Arabic and Hebrew to display text as left-to-right or right-to-left.
bdi, bdo


html · head · title · meta

The essential elements to declare and identify a document.
html, head, title, meta


ruby · rb · rp · rt · rtc

Furigana to annotate Japanese kanji 漢字, Chinese hanzi 漢字, and Korean hanja 한자.
ruby, rb, rp, rt, rtc


h1 · h2 · h3 · h4 · h5 · h6 · p

Compositional section headings, and the all important paragraph.
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p


form · input · textarea · select · datalist · optgroup · option · label · legend · fieldset · progress · meter · output

Gather input from users with textboxes, selection lists, buttons and forms.
form, input, textarea, select, datalist, optgroup, option, label, legend, fieldset, progress, meter, output


address · abbr · dfn · time · code · data · samp · var

Identify words and jargon that have specific interpretations, display formats, and uses.
address, abbr, dfn, time, code, data, samp, var


body · header · main · nav · footer

Wrap elements into groups based on their function and position within the document's layout.
body, header, main, nav, footer


menu · ol · ul · li · dl · dt · dd

Group similar elements into orderly lists for navigation or quick reading.
menu, ol, ul, li, dl, dt, dd


img · picture · audio · video · iframe · figure · figcaption · embed · object · source · track · param · canvas · svg

Embed multi-media resources into a document.
img, picture, audio, video, iframe, figure, figcaption, embed, object, source, track, param, canvas, svg


ins · del

Mark phrases that have been proofread and copy-edited.
ins, del


table · caption · colgroup · col · thead · tbody · tfoot · tr · th · td

Assemble and organize data into 2-dimensional tabular format.
table, caption, colgroup, col, thead, tbody, tfoot, tr, th, td


script · noscript · dialog · template

Add dynamic behavior to a document using JavaScript and the Document Object Model.
script, noscript, dialog, template


hr · br · wbr

Insert intentional breaks into the composition's flow to pace the reader.
hr, br, wbr


article · section · aside · pre · div

Divide a story into sectional parts.
article, section, aside, pre, div


style · link

Attach browser styling instructions for how to display each element of the composition.
style, link


b · i · u · q · s · sup · sub · em · strong · small · kbd · mark · span

Change the voice of a word or phrase, to add inflection and meaning to it.
b, i, u, q, s, sup, sub, em, strong, small, kbd, mark, span

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