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A complete composition

The article element contains a complete composition, one that is able to stand on its own, separate and distinct from any surrounding material.
complete composition, separate and distinct, grouping mechanism, html, semantax, structure, article


A portion of a composition

The section element is for authors to intentionally separate their writing into logical partitions.
intentionally separate, logical partitions, internally consistent, exploring related concepts, creating an outline, table of contents, html, semantax, structure, section


Separate remarks

The aside element provides a way for authors to explore an idea as a digression, without interrupting the flow of the main composition.
digression, without interrupting the flow, to the left or right, tangentially related, html, semantax, structure, aside


Preformatted text

The pre element provides a mechanism to allow authors to intentionally disable the browser's automatic text layout algorithm.
automatic text layout algorithm, honors leading whitespace, honors line breaks, html, semantax, structure, pre


A generic division

The div element is an all-purpose grouping mechanism for positioning, sizing, boxing and styling.
all-purpose grouping mechanism, positioning, sizing, boxing, styling, html, semantax, structure, div

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