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A is for anchor

The anchor element is used to create a text-based hyperlink. Hyperlink destinations can be to one of three places: a local reference on the same page, a different page on the same website, or a remote page on a different website.
anchor, hyperlink, destination, html, semantax, action, a


A portion of a map

An area defines a portion of an overlaid image to be used as a hyperlink to a destination when clicked.
overlaid image, map, hyperlink, destination, html, semantax, action, area


Set an alternate origin for sourcerefs

The base element overrides the document's point of reference.
point of reference, hyperlink, relative, absolute, html, semantax, action, base


A visual "push-me" affordance

The button element creates a command button using visual clues — such as borders, colors, and shadows — to attract the eye and entice the visitor to initiate a command.
command, visual clues, affordance, html, semantax, action, button


An image overlay with hyperlinked regions

The map element is used with a set of areas, allowing a single image overlay to have multiple hotspots hyperlinked to distinct documents.
hyperlink hotspots, area, image overlay, html, semantax, action, map

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