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Too long; didn't read

The details element keeps a long-winded passage hidden until the reader actively signals the intention to read it.
long-winded passage, main point, digression, formal definition, excessively detailed material, html, semantax, callout, details


Too much information

The summary element holds a short placeholder phrase for the hidden composition of a details element.
placeholder, hidden composition, show, hide, html, semantax, callout, summary


A notable turn of phrase

The blockquote element is used to repeat a phrase from the composition itself, or from another written work, in order to bring attention to it through typographic styling, in an effort to capture a casual reader's attention and draw them into deeper reading.
light reader, deeper reading, html, semantax, callout, blockquote


Identifying another's work of art

A cite element is used to wrap the title to a work of art in such a way that screen readers and search engines can clearly identify the exact title.
work of art, title, html, semantax, callout, cite

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