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Online contact info

The address element wraps a sentence containing contact information for the author or publisher of an article.
contact info, author, publisher, html, semantax, jargon, address


Acronyms and abbreviations

The abbr element identifies an acronym or abbreviation in close proximity to its fully spelled-out defining word or phrase.
acronym, abbreviation, html, semantax, jargon, abbr


The defining occurrence

The dfn element identifies which, of the many occurrences of a word, is the defining instance.
defining instance, paragraph, section, prose definition, html, semantax, jargon, dfn


A date or time or both

The time element is used to mark a date or time within a sentence.
computer-readable time, vernacular, html, semantax, jargon, time


Computer code

The code element identifies a block of text as being computer code.
computer code, computer listing, html, semantax, jargon, code


Embedding a scriptable value

The data element provides a way to attach a hidden attribute containing a value to a word or phrase.
scriptable value, hidden attribute, computer-readable value, contextualized data, surrounding text, html, semantax, jargon, data


Sample of computer output

The samp element is used to enclose text, generated by a computer program, when used within a longer sentence.
generated text, computer program, distinguished from surrounding words, html, semantax, jargon, samp


Computer programming or mathematical variable

The var element is used to mark a variable.
stand apart, italics, html, semantax, jargon, var

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