The defining occurrence


The dfn element identifies which, of the many occurrences of a word, is the defining instance.

The dfn element wraps the word being defined. Its surrounding context — which may be a paragraph or section — is the prose definition.


The title attribute is optional. When provided, it specifies the term being defined. When omitted, the text of the dfn element specifies the term being defined.


<<dfn Angioplasty>> is a procedure to restore blood flow
through the artery.

Angioplasty, with or without vascular stenting, is a
minimally invasive procedure.

A balloon-tipped <<dfn *title=angiocatheter catheter>>
(a long, thin plastic tube) is guided into an artery to
the place where it is narrowed or blocked.
The dfn element

semantax > jargon > dfnThe defining occurrence

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