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A list of commands

The menu element groups a set of related user interface commands together.
interface commands, html, semantax, list, menu


An ordered list

The ol element groups a series of items into a numbered list.
numbered items, html, semantax, list, ol


An unordered list

The ul element groups a collection of items, having no inherent sequencing, into a bulleted list.
numbered items, html, semantax, list, ul


List item

One li element is used for each item in a numbered or bulleted list.
numbered list, bulleted list, ordered list, unordered list, html, semantax, list, li


Definition list

The dl element is used assemble a collection of terms and definitions into a definition list.
terms and definitions, ordered list, html, semantax, list, dl


Defining term

The dt element is used to identify a word as the target of a definition.
target of a definition, html, semantax, list, dt


Definition details

The dd element is used to provide a definition for a term or details about a term.
html, semantax, list, dd

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