An ordered list


The ol element groups a series of items into a numbered list.

Each item in an ordered list is preceded by a sequential value.

The numbering system may be numerals, letters, roman numbers, etc. The browser can rely on the type attribute or CSS to determine what numbering system to use.


How the list should be numbered, the default is numerals:
  • 1 numerals
  • a lowercase letters
  • A uppercase letters
  • i lowercase Roman numerals
  • I uppercase Roman numerals
The number of the first item in the list. Defaults to "1". Use this when a list is broken into two of more separate groups and the numbering shouldn't restart at "1" each time.
The items in the list should be numbered in reverse order.


h1 Sonoma County Appellations

h2 Windswept Regions
ol {
li Fort Ross - Seaview
li Sonoma Coast
li Petaluma Gap

h2 Inland Valleys
ol *start=4 {
li Rockpile
li Dry Creek Valley
li Chalk Hill
li Russian River Valley
li Green Valley

h2 Eastern Hills
ol *start=9 {
Pine Mountain – Cloverdale Peak
Alexander Valley
Knights Valley
Fountaingrove District
Bennett Valley

h2 San Pablo Bay
ol *start=14 {
Sonoma Mountain
Moon Mountain
Northern Sonoma
Sonoma Valley
The ol element


One li element is used for each item in a numbered or bulleted list.


semantax > list > olAn ordered list

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