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A matrix of rows and columns

The table element groups together a set of rows, which in turn groups together a set of columns forming a matrix of cells for holding text, numbers, images, and more.
matrix, set of rows, set of columns, html, semantax, row-column, table


Table caption

The caption element specifies a title for a table.
table title, semantax, row-column, caption


Column group

The colgroup element is used with a table element in order to define column styling and column widths. A colgroup comprises one or more "col" elements.
column widths, semantax, row-column, colgroup


Column width specifier

One or more col elements are placed within a "colgroup" element in order to define the background color and widths of the table's columns.
semantax, row-column, col


Table heading group

The thead element may optionally be used with a table in order to group together a set of rows that describe the contents of each table column.
table header values, semantax, row-column, thead


Table body group

The tbody element groups together rows of table data, none of which are header or footer rows. The tbody element should only be used with a table when a "thead" or "tfoot" is also present.
groups rows of table data, semantax, row-column, tbody


Table footer group

The tfoot element groups together table summary rows.
table summary rows, semantax, row-column, tfoot


Table row

The tr element defines a single row of a table. It is the principal type of element used by a table. Table rows comprise a set of table data, defined with "td" elements.
single row, comprise table cells, implied semantax, semantax, row-column, tr


Table header

The th element defines a single data cell that plays the role of a column or row header. They may be used anywhere that "td" elements appear.
semantax, row-column, th


Table data

The td element defines a single cell of a table row. It is the wrapper for any text or other elements that comprise the cell.
single cell, text or other elements, implied semantax, semantax, row-column, td

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