Table body group


The tbody element groups together rows of table data, none of which are header or footer rows. The tbody element should only be used with a table when a "thead" or "tfoot" is also present.

The tbody element may be the target of a CSS selector, simplifying the styling for all of the data cells it contains.


table {
thead {
tr {
th Country
th ISO-3166 alpha-2
th ISO-3166 alpha-3
th UN code
tbody {
tr {
td Argentina
td AR
td ARG
td 032
tr {
td Belgium
td BE
td BEL
td 056
tr {
td Canada
td CA
td CAN
td 124
style {
thead { font-style: italic; }
tbody { font-style: normal; }
A tbody element styling its data cells

semantax > row-column > tbodyTable body group

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