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Capture a visitor's choices

A form element is a controlling wrapper for submitting user choices to the web server.
user choices, controlling wrapper, submitting, html, semantax, input-output, form


Request user data

An input field provides an interface between the browser and the user which allows data to be requested in specific ways.
browser interface, requesting data, html, semantax, input-output, input


A multiline text field

The textarea element provides a way for users to type more than just a single line.
more than a single line, html, semantax, input-output, textarea


Choose one from the list

The select field is used to provide the user with a fixed set of allowable options.
fixed set, allowable options, html, semantax, input-output, select


An open-ended list

The datalist element groups together an open-ended set of possible values that may be chosen by the user.
combobox, open-ended, possible values, html, semantax, input-output, datalist


Categorize long lists

The optgroup element provides a way to break a long list of options into smaller distinguishable sub-lists.
distinguishable sub-lists, html, semantax, input-output, optgroup


One possibility

The option element provides one possible option from a list of possibilities.
list of possibilities, html, semantax, input-output, option


Attach a label to an input field

A label is a brief textual identifier for an input field.
brief textual identifier, html, semantax, input-output, label


A fieldset caption

The legend element is used to provide a title or caption for a fieldset.
title, caption for a fieldset, html, semantax, input-output, legend


A visual grouping of form fields

The fieldset element groups together related form labels and fields.
related elements, html, semantax, input-output, fieldset


A percentage complete

The progress element provides a graphical display for a percentage.
graphical display, percentage, html, semantax, input-output, progress


A sliding guage

The meter element provides a graphical display of a numeric value somewhere between two endpoint values.
graphical display, numeric value, endpoint values, html, semantax, input-output, meter


Computational result

An output element may be used to display the result of a computation.
computational result, html, semantax, input-output, output

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