Capture a visitor's choices


A form element is a controlling wrapper for submitting user choices to the web server.

Choices are gathered from the values provided through subordinate input elements. The entire assembly of user choices are classically submitted to the server using an HTTP POST method with a payload having a content type of application/x-www-form-urlencoded.


Use sourceref notation to specify the URI of an endpoint on the server that will process the form's submission.
The HTTP method to use when submitting the form:
POST Form data are included in the payload. (This is the default.)
GET Form data are included as query-string variables.
dialog This is used to close a dialog box when the form is inside a dialog element.
The content-type of the payload being submitted:
application/x-www-form-urlencoded Values are encoded as keyword/value pairs, where the keywords come from the input elements' name attribute.
multipart/form-data A special type used when uploading files to the server.
text/plain Spaces are converted to the PLUS SIGN, but everything else remains unencoded.
on The browser can assist the user by automatically providing values that were previously used on similar forms.
off The browser should not provide any automatic assistance.
When present, this indicates that the browser should not validate the input prior to submitting it.
The browsing context to be used when the server has finished processing the submission and returned control to the browser:
iframename The response should be displayed in the named iframe.
_self Use the same window that the form was on.
_blank Use a new browser window.
_parent Use the parent of the form's frameset (valid only when the form is nested within a frameset).
_top Use the topmost parent of the frameset (valid only when the form is doubly nested within a frameset).


h1 Gender based studies

form `` *autocomplete=off {
fieldset {
legend Which is the most agreeably scented plant?
input #primrose *type=radio *name=favorite Primrose
input #plumeria *type=radio *name=favorite Plueria
input #ylang-ylang *type=radio *name=favorite Ylang-Ylang
input #lily-of-the-valley *type=radio *name=favorite Lily of the Valley
fieldset {
legend Gender
input #male *type=radio *name=gender Male
input #female *type=radio *name=gender Female
label What is your nationality
input *type=text *name=nationality

input *type=submit Submit
The form element

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