The document's structural framework


The body element comprises all of the elements that control the layout and structure of a document, plus all of their subordinates.

At the highest level of the hierarchy this includes other layout elements like header, footer, nav and main.

The body element may also include structure elements such as article, section and aside.

There are few restrictions — other than the elements that must appear only in the head — on what can appear as direct descendants of the body element.


html {
head {
body {
header ...
nav ...
main ...
footer ...
The body element


The html element is the outermost envelope for the composition. It is often called the root element because HTML uses a hierarchical structure.


The portion of the document that contains contextual information about the document and its relationship to the website as a whole.
The main element is the container that holds the true body of the document.
The portion of the document that contains a fixed list of hyperlinks to other documents on the same website.
The portion of the document that contains references to additional material that can be found on the same website.


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