U is for unarticulated


The "u" element is for identifying a word or phrase as being flagged for the readers attention, or marked as significant, or silently annotated.

(The "u" stands for unarticulated, that is, not spoken or expressed in words.)

By convention the "u" element is styled with a solid line underneath the phrase, but other stylistic treatments, such as a wavy line may be better suited for this.


An shelf inventory was conducted in January.
Discrepancies are flagged in the list:
ul {
3 Absolut
4 Baileys
3 Chivas Regal
6 Crown Royal
1 <<u Cuervo Platino>>
4 Hennessy
8 Jack Daniels
7 Jägermeister
3 Jameson
2 <<u Johnnie Walker Blue>>
9 Jim Beam
0 <<u NOTLET'S Silver>>
4 Patrón
2 Rémy Martin
7 Smirnoff
The u element

See also

The "mark" element is for highlighting a notable word or phrase within a sentence. This is typically accomplished by using a different colored background.
The ins element is used during editing and proofreading to signal the addition of new text added to the author's original composition.


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