I is for italics


The "kbd" element is for indicating text that is typed by the user.


Windows keyboard    Mac keyboard            

<<kbd Ctrl>> <<kbd ⌘ command>>
Ctrl ⌘ command

<<kbd Alt>> <<kbd ⌥ option>>
Alt ⌥ option

<<kbd Shift>> <<kbd ⇧ shift>>
Shift ⇧ shift

<<kbd Enter>> <<kbd return>>
Enter return

<<kbd Backspace>> <<kbd ⌫ delete>>
Backspace ⌫ delete

<<kbd Delete>> <<kbd ⌦ del>>
Delete ⌦ del

<<kbd ⦙⦙⊞ Win>>
⦙⦙⊞ Win
<<kbd ⌃ control>>
⌃ control
The kbd element with styling to look like keys

See also

The code element identifies a block of text as being computer code.
The samp element is used to enclose text, generated by a computer program, when used within a longer sentence.
The var element is used to mark a variable.

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