Fourth level header


The h4 element is a header identifying the following paragraphs as providing information that is more precise than the material in the preceding h3 section.

h4 elements may be used when the "h1", "h2" and "h3" headers insufficiently outline the complexity of the article.

The elements h1 through h6 form a structural hierarchy for an article and may be used to build a table of contents.


h1 Ordering and Seqeuncing in Formal Compositions
p ...

h2 Outlines
p ...

h3 Creating Outlines
p The assembly of outlines may be done after the fact, or in
an integrated fashion.

h4 Reverse Outline
p A reverse outline is an outline made from an existing work.
Reverse outlining is like reverse engineering a document. The
points or topics are extracted from the work, and are arranged
in their order of presentation, by section, in the outline.

h4 Integrated Outline
p An integrated outline is a helpful step in the process of
organizing and writing a scholarly paper such as a
literature review, research paper, thesis or dissertation.
The h4 element

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