Clone the outer contents of a source


Use outer clone syntax to duplicate a source phrase's semantax, attributes, and content, and insert it into the document at the designated place.


The outer clone syntax is a dollar-sign $ followed by a source phrase identifier that is wrapped in quotation marks " ".

Outer clone syntax

A clone is a duplicate copy of the text and formatting of a source phrase. Any phrase that has an identifier may be cloned; this includes basic phrases, term-marks, and containers.

Outer clones duplicate the source's semantax, attributes, inner text, and any embedded phrases.


template {
div #sc1 {
h1 #hd1 Learning objectives
p This section of the course will teach you:
ul {
li <<i #item1 Skills and knowledge>>

// inner clone of a grouped phrase
section $"sc1"

// inner clone of a standard phrase
h2 $"hd1"

// inner clone of a styled phrase
ol {
li $"item1"
Sample outer clone usage

syntax > variables > outer-cloneClone the outer contents of a source

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