Generic attributes


Use generic attribute shorthand notation to assign any type of standard HTML attribute to a phrase.


Generic attribute shorthand assigns an attribute and its value to a phrase.

The syntax has four parts:

  • the asterisk * shorthand symbol
  • the attribute name
  • an equals-sign =
  • the attribute value

When the attribute value contains spaces, it must be delimited by apostrophes ' ' or quotation marks " ".

Some attributes do not need an explicit value. In those cases, the equals-sign and value are simply omitted.

semantax *attr=value  Textual composition
semantax *attr Textual composition
Attribute shorthand notation

Shorthand attributes should be placed between a phrase's semantax and its textual composition. Shorthand attributes may optionally be preceded by one or more spaces. At least one space must be used after the last shorthand attribute, before the beginning of the textual composition.

A phrase may have any combination of shorthand attributes (#, ., *, ^, `, +, ? ) and they may specified in any order.


Here is what generic attributes look like within the body of a manuscript.

button *id=submitBtn *autofocus *class="blue shadow" Submit
Attribute shorthand examples

syntax > shorthand > attributeGeneric attributes

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