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Unique identifier

Use identifier shorthand notation to assign a unique identifier to a phrase for junctor targets, clone references and CSS selectors.
bluephrase, syntax, shorthand, identifier


CSS classname selector

Use classname shorthand notation to assign a cascading style-sheet class selector to a phrase.
cascading style-sheet, bluephrase, syntax, shorthand, classname


Reference an external source file

Use sourceref shorthand notation to assign a URL hyperlink, or a source file reference, or a data source, or a server target.
URL hyperlink, source file reference, data source, server target, bluephrase, syntax, shorthand, sourceref


Add styling to a phrase

Use style shorthand notation to assign CSS styling directly to a phrase, without a classname or identifier or style-sheet.
CSS styling, bluephrase, syntax, shorthand, style


Generic attributes

Use generic attribute shorthand notation to assign any type of standard HTML attribute to a phrase.
attribute, bluephrase, syntax, shorthand, attribute


Resource description framework property

Use RDFa shorthand notation to assign a machine-readable RDFa property to a phrase to extend its semantic meaning beyond HTML.
bluephrase, syntax, shorthand, rdfa


Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Use ARIA-role shorthand notation to assign roles to phrases to make them accessible to people with disabilities.
Accessible Rich Internet Applications, bluephrase, syntax, shorthand, aria-role

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