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Citemarks are used for marking a place within the manuscript with a citation, to be assembled into the back-matter's "References Cited" section.


There are four components to a citemark:

  1. The citemark delimiters, which consist of two left-curly brackets {{ and two right-curly brackets }}
  2. The coalescer, which is an arbitrary name preceded by a fullstop .
  3. The interscribed citation, which is delimited by apostrophes ' '
  4. The adjunct citation, which is delimited by quotation marks " "
 {{.coalescer 'interscribed citation' "adjunct citation"}}
The four components of a citemark


The citemark delimiters mark the start and end of the expression.

The coalescer is used by the citations builder to assemble citations into meaningful groups. It may be omitted.

The interscribed citation is the short form of the citation. It is emitted into the document at the point in the manuscript where it occurs.

The adjunct citation is the long form of the citation. It is used with the citations builder. It is emitted into the document, together with all other citations, at the point in the manuscript where a !build-citations pragma occurs. The citation format is not limited to any one style (i.e. APA, MLS, Chicago). You may use term-marks within the adjunct expression to style individual parts of the text with italics, underlining, etc.


Here is what citemarks look like within the body of a manuscript.

Later he asks a biologist to calculate what percentage
of a McDonald's meal was derived from corn.
{{.article1 '(Pollan 2006, 99–100)'
"Pollan, Michael. 2006. <<i The Omnivore’s Dilemma:
A Natural History of Four Meals.>> New York: Penguin."}}

pre {
Grasping the bowstring and the arrow's notch,
He drew them back, and forced the string to meet
{{.article1 '(Lattimore 1951, 91–92)'
"Lattimore, Richmond, trans. 1951.
<<i The Iliad of Homer.>> Chicago: University of Chicago Press."}}

div {
h1 References Cited
!build-citations .article1 *order=alpha *junctors=yes
Sample using citemark syntax

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