Paragraph layout


Specify paragraph leading, alignment and indentation rules.

  • line-height
  • line-height-step
  • text-indent
  • text-align
  • text-align-last
  • hanging-punctuation
  • text-overflow


Typographic leading

Specify the distance between the bottom of one line and the bottom of the next line in a flowing paragraph.
css, style, paragraph, line-height


Rhythmic sizing

Use fixed steps to create rhythmic text layouts by using line-heights with user-defined units.
css, style, paragraph, line-height-step


First word placement

Should the first word of a paragraph be indented or flush with the left margin?
css, style, paragraph, text-indent


Left, center, right, justify

Specify whether or not ragged edges should be used on paragraphs, and whether they appear on the left or right side.
css, style, paragraph, text-align


Last line justification

How should the last line of a paragraph be justified?
css, style, paragraph, text-align-last


Hanging quotes

Specify whether starting and ending quotation marks and brackets should appear in the element's margin or in the content area.
css, style, paragraph, hanging-punctuation


Trailing ellipsis

Should text that doesn't fit be trailed off with an ellipsis or clipped abruptly?
css, style, paragraph, text-overflow

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