Activate the use of ligatures


Instructs the browser to use special ligature glyphs for certain two-letter combinations.

Property values

Use one of these keywords:

normal Use any ligatures that are in the font file which are appropriate to the document's language
none Disable the use of any ligatures
common-ligatures Use the common ligatures for ff, fl, fi, ffi, ffl and Th
no-common-ligatures Do not use the common ligatures
discretionary-ligatures Use any special decorative ligatures placed in the font file by the type designer, such as for ck, sp, st or rt
no-discretionary-ligatures Do not use any special ligatures
historical-ligatures Use the available historical ligatures, such as for the combination of tz, to recreate the 18th and 19th century documents
no-historical-ligatures Do not use any historical ligatures
contextual Use alternate letter forms for specific two-letter combinations identified by the type designer
no-contextual Do not use any alternate letter forms


font-variant-ligatures: discretionary-ligatures;

style > glyph > font-variant-ligaturesActivate the use of ligatures

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