Special font glyph variants


Properties to choose which special font glyph variants to use.

  • font-variant
  • font-variant-caps
  • font-variant-ligatures
  • font-variant-numeric
  • font-variant-position
  • font-variant-east-asian
  • font-variant-alternates
  • font-language-override


All-in-one spec

Specify any of the special font variant properties: font-variant-caps, font-variant-numeric, font-variant-alternates, font-variant-ligatures, and font-variant-east-asian.
css, style, glyph, font-variant


Small caps, petite caps, titling caps

Instruct the browser to use the font file's special purpose captial letter glyphs for small capital letters, petite capital letters, and title-case capital letters.
css, style, glyph, font-variant-caps


Activate the use of ligatures

Instructs the browser to use special ligature glyphs for certain two-letter combinations.
css, style, glyph, font-variant-ligatures


Numbers, fractions & ordinals

Instructs the browser to use special glyphs for numbers, fractions and ordinals.
css, style, glyph, font-variant-numeric


Superscripts & subscripts

Instructs the browser to use special glyphs for superscripts and subscripts.
css, style, glyph, font-variant-position


Japanese/Chinese glyphs

Instruct the browser to use the special purpose furigana glyphs, or proportional width hanzi/kanji/hanza, or traditional Chinese glyphs, or a particular version of the JIS standard.
css, style, glyph, font-variant-east-asian


User-defined glyph alternates

Choose a glyph alternate from a font file using a matching user-defined name from an @font-feature-values declaration.
css, style, glyph, font-variant-alternates


Specific language glyphs

Instruct the browser to ignore the document's language and instead use a specified language to trigger the use of alternate glyphs.
css, style, glyph, font-language-override

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