Japanese/Chinese glyphs


Instruct the browser to use the special purpose furigana glyphs, or proportional width hanzi/kanji/hanza, or traditional Chinese glyphs, or a particular version of the JIS standard.


To enable special furigana glyphs for use in ruby elements specify the ruby keyword.

Full width versus porportional

To choose between full-width and proportional hanzi/kanji/hanza use one of these keywords:

full-width Use standard full width glyphs with evenly spaced characters
proportional-width Use atypical proportional width glyphs

Traditional versus Simplified

To choose between traditional and simplified Chinese hanzi use one of these keywords:

traditional Use traditional Chinese hanzi
simplified Use simplified Chinese hanzi

Choose JIS codepoint standard

To choose between different versions of the JIS standard for non-Unicode codepoint definitions use one of these keywords:

jis78 Codepoints adhere to the JIS X 0208:1978 standard
jis83 Codepoints adhere to the JIS X 0208:1983 standard
jis90 Codepoints adhere to the JIS X 0208:1990 standard
jis04 Codepoints adhere to the JIS X 0213:2004 standard


/* furigana */
ruby, rb, rp, rt, rtc {
font-variant-east-asian: ruby;

/* Use non-standard proportional width glyphs */
html {
font-variant-east-asian: proportional-width;

style > glyph > font-variant-east-asianJapanese/Chinese glyphs

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