Bidirectional text override


The bdo element encloses a phrase that should be rendered in an explicit direction, right-to-left or left-to-right.

Use the bdo element when a Hebrew or Arabic composition needs to use a phrase which is natively written using a Latin-script, or vice-versa.

Normally all text rendering direction decisions are handled automatically by the Unicode bidirectional algorithm, and the bdo element is not needed.


rtl or ltr
The rendering direction for the enclosed text. When omitted, the rendering direction is always reversed from the surrounding text.


p The Arabic word for website is <<bdo موقع الكتروني>>

p The Hebrew word for website is <<bdo אֲתַר אִינטֶרנֶט>>

See also

The bdi element encloses a phrase that should employ the automatic Unicode bidirectional algorithm independently from its surrounding text.


semantax > direction > bdoBidirectional text override

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