Delimit a wikitext section


Delimit the start and end of a block of text that should be treated as a wikitext, Angular, or AppML language block.


This syntax may be used for Wikitext pages, Angular templates, and AppML templates.

The syntax consists of starting and ending delimiters, with valid wkiktext, Angular or AppML syntax between.

The starting delimiter is two left-curly braces {{.

The ending delimiter is two right curly-braces }}.

{{ wikitext }}

{{ Angular code }}

{{ AppML code }}
xenomark syntax

NOTE: This syntax is identical to citemark syntax, which cannot be used together with xenomark syntax in the same manuscript. To turn off the default citemark interpreter, and to turn on the xenomark interpreter, add this at the top of the manuscript:

!option --xenomarks=wiki    

syntax > xenomarks > wikitextDelimit a wikitext section

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