Build an index from the marked topics


The "build-index" pragma is used to instruct the BLUE PROCESSOR to assemble the topics of manuscript indexmarks into a back-matter index.


The syntax for the build-index pragma consists of:

  • An exclamation point !
  • The keyword build-index
  • A junctors attribute, (yes or no), to specify whether or not hyperlinks should be created from the body-matter topics to the built Index.
!build-index *junctors=yes|no
build-index pragma syntax

The default value for the junctors attribute is yes, which instructs the builder to create hyperlinks from the body-matter location to the built index. But regardless of the junctors setting, each topic in the back-matter will always be hyperlinked to the corresponding locations in the body-matter where they occurred.


Here is what a build-index pragma looks like within the body of a manuscript.

1st entry[[.bees 'Bees']]
2nd entry[[.bees]]
3rd entry[[.bees (army)]]
4th entry[[.bees .honey]]

Honey[[.honey 'Honey']]

. . .

section {
h1 Index
!build-index *junctors=yes
Sample build-index pragma

And here is the output created by the builder:

<p>1st entry<mark id=ix20 class='defining'><a href='#ix25'></a></mark></p>
<p>2nd entry<mark id=ix21 class='unmarked'><a href='#ix26'></a></mark></p>
<p>3rd entry<mark id=ix22 class='secondary'><a href='#ix27'></a></mark></p>
<p>4th entry<mark id=ix23 class='crossref'><a href='#ix28'></a></mark></p>

<p>Honey<mark id=ix24 class='defining'><a href='#ix29'></a></mark></p>

. . .

<div class='bees'>
<dfn><a id=ix25 class='defining' href='#ix20'>Bees</a></dfn>
<li>also <a id=ix26 class='unmarked' href='#ix21'>1</a></li>
<li><a id=ix27 class='secondary' href='#ix22'>army</a></li>
<li><a id=ix28 class='crossref' href='#ix24'>(see also Honey)</a></li>
<div class='honey'>
<dfn><a id=ix29 class='defining' href='#ix24'>Honey</a></dfn>
Sample build-index output

syntax > pragmas > build-indexBuild an index from the marked topics

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