Build a glossary from the defined terms


The "build-glossary" pragma is used to instruct the BLUE PROCESSOR to assemble the terms and definitions of manuscript glossmarks into a glossary.


The syntax for the build-glossary pragma consists of:

  • An exclamation point !
  • The keyword build-glossary
  • A coalescer (optional), specified using a full-stop . followed by a glossmark coalescer.
  • An order attribute, (sequential, alpha, numeric) to identify how the glossary entries should be ordered.
  • A junctors attribute, (yes or no), to specify whether or not hyperlinks should be created from the entries in the Glossary section back to the place in the manuscript where they were used.
!build-glossary .coalescer *order=sequential|alpha|numeric *junctors=yes|no
build-glossary pragma syntax

If a coalescer is specified, the builder will only include glossmarks which specify that coalescer.

The default value for the junctors attribute is yes, which instructs the builder to create backlinks from the built glossary to the locations where the terms occur. But regardless of the junctors setting, each glossmark occurance in the body-matter will always be hyperlinked to the corresponding definition in the back-matter section built by the processor.


Here is what a build-glossary pragma looks like within the body of a manuscript.

This was a high-water mark in ||.ru 'détente' "easing of hostilities"||
between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Gorbachev's dual program of ||.ru 'perestroika' "restructuring"|| and
||.ru 'glasnost' "openness"||
launched his nation on a dramatic new course.

. . .

div {
h1 Glossary of Terms
!build-glossary .ru *order=alpha *junctors=yes
Sample build-glossary pragma

And here is the output created by the builder:

<p>This was a high-water mark in <mark id=gl20 class='ru'>
<a href='#gl23'>détente</a></mark>
between the United States and the Soviet Union.</p>

<p>Gorbachev's dual program of <mark id=gl21 class='ru'>
<a href='#gl25'>perestroika</a></mark> and
<mark id=gl22 class='ru'>
<a href='#gl24'>glasnost</a></mark>
launched his nation on a dramatic new course.</p>

. . .

<h1>Glossary of Terms</h1>
<dl class='ru'>
<dt id=gl23 class='p'><a href='#gl20'>détente</a></dt>
<dd>easing of hostilities</dd>
<dt id=gl24 class='p'><a href='#gl22'>glasnost</a></dt>
<dt id=gl25 class='p'><a href='#gl21'>perestroika</a></dt>
Sample build-glossary output

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