Declaration and version


The "blue" pragma is used to declare a manuscript to be BLUEPHRASE, and to identify the version used to build it.


The syntax for the blue pragma consists of:

  • An exclamation point !
  • The keyword blue
  • The BLUEPHRASE version used to compile the manuscript
  • An optional author-defined term to identify the type of content

The use of this pragma is optional, but strongly recommended. Usage will allow the BLUEPROCESSOR to definitively identify the file as being BLUEPHRASE, and process it using the correct BLUEPHRASE version.

!blue version content-type
blue pragma syntax

Pragmas can only be used on a line by themselves. They may not be used inside a basic phrase or term phrase. Any leading or trailing whitespace is discarded. Graynotes may be applied by adhering to the standard rules for graynotes.


Here is what a blue pragma looks like within the body of a manuscript.

!blue 2.0
Sample blue pragma

syntax > pragmas > blueDeclaration and version

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