Respond to a remark


Use replies to respond to remarks between the author and an editor or reviewer.


A reply is enclosed within a matched pair of graymark delimiters, opening with a slash-plus /+ and closing with a plus-slash +/.

The reply itself is everything between the graymark delimiters.

Replies may be signed by an author, editor or reviewer using signature syntax, which is a full-stop followed by a person's name. Spaces are not allowed in a signature. The signature is optional, but when used, it must be placed at the start of the reply.

/+ .signature The reply itself +/
Graynote reply syntax

Graynote replies may be embedded into the text area of any type of phrase.

Unlike terminal comments, remarks may span multiple lines.

Nested graynotes are not allowed.

Any whitespace before or after the graymark delimiters are preserved.

Graynote reply syntax is a formal way to communicate between an author and a reviewer or editor, keeping the threads of the conversation in situ.


Here is what a remark/reply thread looks like within the body of a manuscript.

h1 Terms of Use

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/* .tim Should we be capitalizing Agreements? */
/+ .mary Let's leave all those things up to legal dept +/

In order to use the service, either:
ol {
You need to be 18 or older, or
be 13 or older and have your parent’s consent.

Concerned about this? See
Sample remark/reply thread

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