The font stack


Specify the "font stack" for the element, informing the browser which fonts are preferred and which are acceptable replacements.

Property values

Provide the names of one or more fonts that are acceptable equivalents. The first one that is present on the user's device will be used.

Surround the name with quotation marks if it contains spaces, like "Times New Roman". Separate each name in the stack with commas.

The last font name in the the stack should be one of these generic names:

serif These fonts have flared or tapered ends
sans-serif These fonts do not have flared or tapered ends
monospace Each character in these fonts occupies the same horizontal width
cursive These fonts have connecting strokes which make adjacent charcters appear to run together
fantasy Highly decorative fonts that stretch the typical form of each character into fantastic shapes
system-ui This is the user's device-specific standard font for its user-interface
emoji Special fonts that contain emojis rather than characters
math Fonts that have support for brackets, expressions, superscripts, subscripts and other mathematical concerns
fangsong A Chinese government style font


font-family: 'Source Serif Pro', serif;

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