Styling for tables


Specify how to handle the alignment and space between table cells.

  • border-collapse
  • border-spacing
  • empty-cells
  • table-layout
  • vertical-align


Do adjacent cells share a border?

Specify whether adjacent table cells should share a common border or should each have their own separate boraders.
css, style, table, border-collapse


Table gutters

Specify how much space should be used to separate individual table cells.
css, style, table, border-spacing


Are empty cells really there?

Specify how to handle the space occupied by table cells that are empty.
css, style, table, empty-cells


How to determine a table's width

Specify how to determine the width of the table and the table's columns.
css, style, table, table-layout


Vertical alignment

Specify how to vertically align content within a table cell, or within an inline element's boundaries.
css, style, table, vertical-align

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