Use the same image repeatedly


Use the same image over and over until the entire element's background is filled.

Property values

When a small image is used in a background it can be used repeatedly to fill up the space, or used just once.

Specify a pair of these keywords, one for the horizontal rule, and one for the vertical rule:

no-repeat Use the image just once
repeat Use the image repeatedly
space Use the image repeatedly, leaving spaces between evenly distributed copies of the image
round Use the image repeatedly, scaling the image to make it perfectly fit the size of the element

When only one keyword is used, it is applied as both the horizontal and vertical rule. Use these keywords instead to apply only one of the rules

repeat-x Use the image repeatedly in the horizontal direction only
repeat-y Use the image repeatedly in the vertical direction only


/* repeat the image horizontally, with spaces in between */            
background-repeat: space no-repeat;

/* repeat the image vertically, scaling the image to fit the full height of the element */
background-repeat: no-repeat round;

/* repeat the image horizontally and vertically, without scaling and without spaces */
background-repeat: repeat;

style > background > background-repeatUse the same image repeatedly

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