The Basics of BLUEPHRASE

Hello, World!

Learn how to use BLUEPHRASE in 3 minutes

by Joe Honton

How to write your first manuscript in minutes and where to get the BLUE PROCESSOR.

Your first manuscript

When talking about BLUEPHRASE I like to refer to the source file as the manuscript and the compiler output as the the final document. But that's just semantics. Once you get started, you'll just think of it as your writing.

There is a long standing tradition in computer language circles to get your feet wet with a new technology by writing Hello, World. Here's how to do it using BLUEPHRASE.

Open your favorite text editor, type in Hello, World! and save it to

Hello, World!

Now grab of copy of the BLUEPROCESSOR from any of the links listed below. (Read Write View is fast and free.) Open your manuscript, and switch to "Preview" mode, and you're done!

All of the Read Write Tools desktop apps feature automatic compilation from BLUEPHRASE to HTML simply by viewing your manuscript in "Preview" mode. Try it!

Where to get the BLUE PROCESSOR

The BLUEPROCESSOR is built into desktop apps like Read Write View. Anyone can download this free app and use it to display and print BLUEPHRASE files.

You can edit BLUEPHRASE files with a plain text editor, or with Read Write Note, a desktop app with automatic shorthand highlighting. For more advanced features, like spell-checking and print to PDF, Read Write Doc is also a good choice.

If you're writing a blog or website pages, the BLUEPROCESSOR is built into Read Write Serve, a nextgen HTTP/2 web server.


Hello, World! - Learn how to use BLUEPHRASE in 3 minutes

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